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We offer power management ICs, LED driver ICs, audio amplifiers, optical sensor ICs, and other components to meet the needs of TV and display applications

All ICs have built-in protection devices against excessive temperature and overload current to prevent damage to other components under abnormal conditions. We will continue to integrate and develop other components to remain your main partner in system design and development.

LCD Solution

USB Power Protect APL3552/ APL3553/ APL3556E/F/ APL3561/ APL3563
DC-DC Converter APW7316/ APW7317/ APW7318/ APW7320/ APW7438/ APW8713A/ APW8715A/ APW8716A/ APW8827A
LVDS Power Switch APL3512C/ APL3547A/ APL3556B/D
Audio Amp APA2609/ APA2622/ APA3175/ APA3176
HP & Line Out Amp APA2172A/ APA2176/ APA2192
LED Driver APE5030/ APE5030C/ APE5033/ APE5038/ APE5039

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