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Part Number Package & Pins Phase General Usage Sensor Less or Hall VCC Work Voltage (V)-min VCC Work Voltage (V)-max RPM Output FR Fan Speed Control VREG (V) Open or Close Loop Current Limit Lock ON/OFF LA Modulation Pattern
APX7311 TQFN4x4-32B
3 BLDC Hall 6 15 FG
Yes VSP 5 Open Resistor Externally Adjustable Yes 180
Three-Phase Sine-Wave Brushless DC Motor Controller

  • Three-Phase Brushless Motor Controller
  • Sine-Wave PWM Control
  • Support hall element & hall IC
  • Built-in Triangular-Wave Generator
  • Built-in Lead Angle Control Function (0° to 58°)
  • Built-in Dead Time Function
  • Built-In Regulator
  • Built-in Variable Speed Function
  • Built-in Current Limit Circuit
  • Built-in Lock Protection and Auto Restart Function
  • Built-in FG & 3FG output signal selection
  • Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)

General Description
The APX7311 is a three-phase sine-wave DC brushless motor driver with PWM variable speed control, current limit protection and lead angle control features suitable for the motor of air conditioners, household energy saving fans and pumps. This sine-wave motor drive product uses the hall sensor signals, and the control system is able to execute the PWM commutation by switching the three-phase inverter. This function can improve efficiency and reduce noises in fan motors. It also has rotation speed detection output. The APX7311 is available in SSOP-30 and TQFN4X4-32B packages (see Pin Configuration).
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