• According to the Company's Articles of Incorporation, in the event of a surplus in the annual final accounts, the Company must prioritize setting aside funds for income tax payable and making up for any deficits from previous years. Following this, 10% of the surplus must be allocated to the legal reserve, and any required special reserve must be set aside and reversed in accordance with legal or by the competent authority requirements. The remaining balance may then be allocated for dividend or bonus distribution by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the Shareholders' Meeting for resolution.
  • As per Article 240 of the Company Act, the Board of Directors has the authority to distribute dividends and bonuses, either fully or partially, in part in the form of cash. This can be done through a resolution passed by the Board of Directors, provided that at least two-thirds of the directors are present and the approval of a majority of them approve the resolution. Once the resolution is passed, it is reported to the Shareholders' Meetings, and the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation regarding the resolutions of the Shareholders' Meetings do not apply.
  • The Company will allocate and distribute shareholder dividends from distributable surplus, taking into account its operating environment and the stage of growth stage, as well as future capital demands and long-term financial planning. The cash dividends shall not be less than 10% of the total dividends. However, the type and ratio of this earnings distribution may be adjusted by a resolution of the Shareholders' Meeting based on the actual profit and capital status of the year, while still meeting shareholders' demands for cash inflows.
  • The Company's dividend policy is determined by the Board of Directors determines its dividend policy based on various factors, including the Company's operating conditions, capital demands, capital expenditure budget, and changes in the general internal and external environment. The interests of shareholders are also taken into account. Unless there are special circumstances, the Company ensures that the percentage of cash dividends is not be less than 10% of the total dividends. Additionally, the Company follows the principle of ensuring that the dividend is no less than 50% of the current year's after-tax earnings.

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