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Learning Development

  • At the end of each year, the Company will formulate an annual education and training plan based on its core value, assigning employees to participate in domestic or international professional skills training, learning the latest R&D technology and knowledge, improving the Company's R&D capabilities, or hiring external lecturers to train the employees. The plan aims to analyze the training process, establish a positive working atmosphere, improve management skills and professional skills of employees, and improve the overall competitiveness of the Company.
  • Training structure
Establish a systematic training structure based on positions and employee development. The training categories are divided into:
  1. Business Management Training: Develop employees’ business management capabilities and improve organizational management performance.
  2. Professional Training: Establish professional training for each functional department according to different professions and needs.
  3. Specific Professional Training: Employees who are required to obtain certifications in accordance with regulations should participate professional education and training to obtain relevant qualified certificates.
  4. Occupational Safety and Health Training: According to the Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules and Enforcement Rules of Fire Services Act, general workers shall receive at least 3 hours of on-the-job safety and health education and training every three years, and at least 4 hours of firefighting drill, communication, and evacuation leading training every six months.
  5. Environmental Quality Training: Workers in quality assurance and outsourcing, inspection personnel, property management personnel need to participate in relevant professional training on environmental quality.
  6. New Employee Training: New employees must participate in new employee training, which includes value and culture, company profile and introduction of personnel rules and regulations.
  7. Others: Courses that are not in the above training categories are classified as other.

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