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Dual Mode Display Port Interface IC

  • VREF1 support range from 1V to 5.5V
  • VREF2 support range from 1.6V to 5.5V
  • Support DP_AUX mode or HDMI_DDC mode select function by SEL pin
  • Support bi-directional level translation of DDC signals
  • Leakage current between VREF1 and VREF2 limited to 100nA
  • Built in VREF1 and VREF2 Back-drive Protection
  • Build in Transient help for AUX2B+/- to VREF2 pull up voltage
  • Support 2Mbs in DP AUX mode, 100kHz in HDMI_DDC mode
  • Support with Display Port 2.0
  • Support with HDMI 2.1
  • VTQFN 2x2-12 Package

General Description
APL3585 is a data selector with a built-in level shifter, which can be used for graphics cards, and can choose between HDMI DDC MODE and DP_AUX MODE through the SEL pin. APL3585 has a transient help function in the HDMI DDC MODE, which can meet the I2C rising specifications to help data transmission without distortion. APL3585 integrates the signal selection application circuit of the Graphics Card, which can reduce the cost and space of the Graphics Card.

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